March 25, 2012

Barclays English Premier League - World's Most favorite and Prestigious League

The Barclays English premier league is arguably the most televised, most glamorous, most favorite and the richest league in the world right now, with at least four of the teams - Manchester United, Chelsea Fc, Arsenal Fc and Liverpool Fc ranked among the top 20 richest club sides in the world, and the league televised in some countries of the world. The television proprietary on the league is in millions of pound sterling and the prize money for the league winners is the best any country can offer in any place in the world.

The English premier league has metamorphosed from a small league in the 19th century to the giant of the 21st century. With the league producing four quarter finalists each year in the past five years in the Uefa champions league, with Liverpool Fc lifting the champions league trophy in 2005, Manchester United in 2008 (playing the final with fellow English club side Chelsea Fc); Arsenal playing in the finals in 2006; Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester United each having played at least at the semi-finals level in the past five years, the Barclays English premier league is obviously the best league in Europe currently.

Years ago, Brazilian and Argentine players shunned the English premier league like a leper, rather preferring to ply their trades in the Spanish La Liga, Italian serie A, German Bundesliga and the French league, etc. But today the story has changed as more of the Brazilian players are now gradually entering into English premier league - The likes of Robinho, Edwardo, Baptista, Carlos Tevez, etc. Now showcase their talents in this amazing league; it is legitimately a place every footballer would love to be.

We are entering into the second round of the 2009/2010 league, we expect more Brazilians, Argentines, Nigerians, French, Portuguese, Ivorian players etc to troop into this prestigious, exciting, enchanting and enchanting league to add more colours and glamour to the league as we also expect more change records to be broken. Manchester United currently holds the article of the most high-priced player change in the European league with the sale of Christiano Ronaldo for 70 million Euro to Real Madrid Fc of Spain. With the exit of Christiano Ronaldo would more quality players come in? We hope to see more of Didier Drogba, Fernando Torres, Defoe, Wayne Rooney, Gabriel Agbonlahor, John Terry, Frank Lampard, Stephen Gerrard, Carlos Tevez, Emmanuel Adebayor, Fabregas, Ireland, John Obi Mikel, Michael Essien, Berbatov, etc. The Barclays English premier league is legitimately the place where the soccer activity is at the moment.

Barclays English Premier League - World's Most favorite and Prestigious League

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