March 18, 2012

In the End the Germans Win

No, not this year. Not yet. In a couple years time though Villa, Pompey, City or Spurs fans will rejoice as they look forward to a couple of matches against Sparta Prague, before being outclassed by some Spaniards and crashing out in the group stages. Still, it will be a great search than that experienced by Everton in 2005.

That Everton team's star players included 'talent', and I use that word lightly, such as Marcus Bent, Thomas Gravesen and James Beattie. An predicted 4th place challenger, Spurs, have star players such as Luka Modric, Giovani Dos Santos and Dimitar Berbatov.

The point being that the Uefa Cup Clubs are much great adequate to sustain a challenge against the big four. Once there, they can beat Villareal, earn some cash and make great squads. I truly believe the squads of Spurs, Pompey, Villa and City are so good that it will become a big 8 (or should that be G8). Circulation of the Cl places will become just like that of Serie A or the Bundesliga.

Not only have they improved there own squads dramatically, but the big fours squads have become saturated. Take this summer for example. Have Arsenal improved? genuinely not. Manchester United? Recalled some loanees and have promising young talent, but no immediate improvement. Liverpool? Robbie Keane junkies will say yes, they will win the title. I say no, you will conclude fourth. Chelsea? Yes, but not as much as the Uefa Cup Clubs.

Billionaires, 15 year old signings (that is signing 15 year olds, not completing a signing planned in 1993 (although Ronaldo's is heading in that direction)), and Tv rights will mean that parity will become a reality.

In the End the Germans Win

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