March 15, 2012

palpate Football the Barcelona Way

Among Barcelona's other widely-acclaimed visitor attractions celebrating the city's cultural and artistic heritage, the home stadium of Fc Barcelona has firmly established itself as a leader. Incorporating exhibits dedicated to all aspects of the city's illustrious team, as well as the occasion for fans to walk in the shoes of their heroes, the Fc Barcelona Museum is the extreme destination for European football fans heading to the Catalonian capital all year round.

Barcelona rose to prominence as one of the most respected football teams in Europe not only for the skills of its players, but also for the team's wider-reaching attitudes towards critical issues - from opposing dictatorships to banning advertising from their strips. The point of the team's cultural impact and inheritance can clearly be seen in the visitor numbers for its lawful museum, which welcomes more than one million fans through its doors each year.

Established in 1984 after decades of planning, the attraction is now Barcelona's most visited museum, even more so than the similarly illustrious Picasso Museum. Attendees can receive the thorough history of their favourite football club since its founding by Joan Gamper in 1899, together with a occasion to see the many cups and trophies won by the club since - with pride of place going to the Europa Cup, from the team's illustrious victory in 1992.

Even those visitors who are along fellow football fans and aren't as hooked by the game themselves are sure to find something of interest in the assorted museum, which even includes its own art gallery to boost its cultural credentials even further.

There's much more to the museum than just exhibits, the crowning glory being the occasion to walk through the Camp Nou stadium itself, and see the 98,600-seater venue from the perspective of the team when they walk confidently onto the pitch. The favorite guided tour takes in the changing rooms as well as the tunnel to the pitch and runs at set times every day of the week, so visitors are encouraged to book ahead to gather their place.

Fc Barcelona's success has once again put the Spanish city at the top of the football world, hosting big La Liga clashes and European battles throughout the football season. Whether you're looking to cheer on Fc Barcelona on their home turf or eager for a occasion to look behind the scenes at the museum, visitors can find many colse to hotels in Barcelona well fine to their purposes.

palpate Football the Barcelona Way

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