April 10, 2012

European Soccer

Soccer is a sport that has the biggest fans in the world. Every country and every continent love to play soccer. Probably only in North America, soccer is less beloved than other sport. But still, soccer in a top spot based on the numbers of fans. And the most soccer competition in the world is European Soccer.

The English Premier League is the most glamorous soccer league in the world. The competition is very tight from 20 clubs. But roughly in two decades there are confident clubs could halt at the top four. Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea. But money still talks. This season Manchester City has a new owner, Sheikh Mansour and makes the competition is getting hotter. The former English style kick-and-rush still attracts the attendance and Tv viewers.

La Liga Española or Spanish League is determined to be the second best. Two giant club Barcelona and Real Madrid take turns to be the champion. Others clubs like Valencia, Atletico Bilbao, Real Mallorca, and Deportivo La Coruña are the strong challenger for Barca and Real.

The third place goes to Italian Calcio Serie A. Juventus, Ac Milan, and Inter Milan dominated the scudetto list. This league became less attractive when bribery issue emerge and Juventus that proven committed for inducement must relegate to lower division, Serie B in the season of 2006-2007.

Bundesliga in Germany is also watchable. Bayern Munchen and Bayer Leverkusen are the strongest clubs in this league, though sometimes both of them slipped from the top table. Le Championat or French League One is promising gorgeous style. Combining multi-race players and gorgeous style, French League is a place to seek new players when replacement season has come.

The Dutch Eredivisie is probably determined as B class league. Though many legends were born from this league, the Dutch League is not prestigious. Marco Van Basten, Frank Rijkaard, Ruud Gullit, Patrick Kluivert, Robbie Van Persie, Rafael Van Der Vaart, and Dirk Kuyt grew in this league and attracted viewers, coaches, and clubs all over Europe reached a worldwide fame.

European Soccer still have Portugal Son Zagreb, Scottish League, Irish League, and other countries like Denmark, Greece, Rusia, Croatia, and the rest of Europe have also their own league. But only clubs who often ended in top two at the group standing would be recognized by worldwide fans.

European Soccer is getting more attractive when the replacement season has come. Players all over the world were eyed from coach, agent, and club. Whirl-wind replacement anarchy put huge money on stake. There is a Bosman ruling for free transfer. The case banned restrictions of foreign Eu members within the national leagues and allowed expert soccer players in the Eu to move freely to someone else club at the end of their term of contract with their present team.

European Soccer

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