April 6, 2012

Juande Ramos - Secrets Of Tottenham's Comeback Kid

Ok the guy is not quite a kid but he seems to have transformed Tottenham from being perennial underachievers to winners once again. In this article, I delve into this pro manager's past to see where he gets it from.

Like most managers, Ramos used to play for some top sides but his vocation was cut short by injury.

He coached a estimate of teams since 1993, the most famous being Betis and Espanyol, any way his achievements with Sevilla are what brought him to the attention of the international football scene.

First of all, Ramos took Sevilla to two consecutive Uefa cup wins and a third place in La Liga, the Spanish domestic league. This propelled him to the top of the second tier of world club managers today.

Despite Sevilla playing in the Champions League in this current season, Ramos was flattered by an startling 6 million Euros per year offer from Tottenham that he simply could not refuse.

Incredibly, Ramos has transformed a team that have always had talent but underachieved into victorious winners as seen by their recent Carling Cup win. Along the way he has claimed scalps such as a 5-1 thumping of their most North London rivals, Arsenal.

It seems that Ramos is a great owner and able to extract the best from his players. Just look at this quote from an interview during his time as Sevilla manager: "Sevilla don't have any stars but we win the games on the basis of humility and a level of corporeal endeavor that is very, very high."

This typifies Ramos's style and it is said that his coming to fitness and diet since joining Tottenham have played a very large part in their recent turn of form.

Juande Ramos - Secrets Of Tottenham's Comeback Kid

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