April 13, 2012

Things Germany is illustrious For

In any home that is up to date on styles and fashions in the develop world, one might find Bauhaus furniture or Modloft furniture. These are both currently very favorite styles of furniture and could be found in almost any home in any estimate of countries for a fair price. For those who are unaware, the former in that duo is from Germany and very noted over the globe. In fact, there are lots of other things for which Germany is noted and the country has many curious things that they can offer to citizens of other nations. In the upcoming paragraphs some of the things that Germany is of course noted for will be discussed and why they are noted for those things.

Germany is noted for its beer. Beer is one of the most favorite drinks in the country, and the legal drinking age in Germany is sixteen when it comes to beers, whereas of course, it is twenty one in America. Another incompatibility in the middle of alcohol laws in America and Germany is that the legal age to drink distinct types of alcohol are separate in Germany, for example citizens can consume beer at age sixteen and other liquors at age eighteen. As a contrast, a someone has to be twenty one to drink beer or liquor in America. Germany, in fact, is known for producing some of the most universally liked beers in the world and has one of the highest consumption rates per capita of almost any country in the world.

Another thing that Germany is known for is their cars. In America, it is somewhat of a status fastener to have a German car such as a Bmw, which stands for Bavaria Motor Works, Audi, Mercedes or Volkswagen. While their cars are known for their luxury and opulence in America, in their home country they are in fact used as taxi cabs and other means of transportation, the guess for this being of course, that in Germany they are domestic and economy for people to buy. Going hand in hand with their cars having an air of opulence, the German cars are known for their perfect engineering which helps create an extreme driving palpate for any owners.

Lastly, Germany is noted for their soccer. Their domestic league, known as the Bundesliga in its native country, is known to be one of the best leagues in the world and attracts many great foreign players. The top team in the league is of course Bayern Munich, which is headquartered in the city of Munich in the state of Bavaria, and has won more league titles than any other team in the league. Also, Bayern have had a great estimate of success in the premier club tournament in Europe, at one time known as the European Cup and currently called the Champions League. Furthermore, Germany has won the World Cup three times when they were playing as West Germany before the fall of communism in East Germany.

In addition to their apparently perfect furniture, Germany is known for many products sold throughout the world.

Things Germany is illustrious For

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